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While brain injuries of any level can be considered severe, for medical purposes, it’s important for medical professionals to properly diagnose just how serious a brain injury is. This can help dictate what treatment options available and the best method for the injured party to move forward.

There are different methods that may be used when diagnosing the severity of the brain injury and the steps a doctor takes can be very important. Here are some of the different methods to determine whether a brain injury is mild, moderate, or severe.

The Glasgow Coma Scale

Using the Glasgow Coma Scale, doctors can determine just how bad the brain injury is based on the functionality of the injured party. They can test hearing, speaking, and responsiveness and each function is graded on a scale that helps to determine just how severe the brain injury is.

The scale goes from 0 to 15. Between 13 and 15 means the individual sustained a mild rain injury, 9 to 12 is moderate, and anything below an 8 is considered severe. Those below an 8 may display signs of permanent neurological disorders.

Proper Testing Must Be Completed

There are more technological methods of testing for a traumatic brain injury, including various forms of brain imagine. These can include:

  • CAT scan
  • MRI
  • PET scan

While imagine is one of the clearer ways of determining the damage done to the brain, a lot of figuring out the severity can be through the evaluation of cognitive, physical, occupational, and speech abilities displayed by the injured individual.

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