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spinal injury

When someone sustains a serious spinal cord injury, the impacts can be life-altering. Unfortunately, these types of injuries occur far too often, and the results are often tragic. However, it’s even more difficult to deal with when the SCI is caused by negligence.

While going through legal matters to hold the negligent party is important, it’s also important for victims to recognize their injury, the severity, and what they need to move forward. These are the different types of spinal cord injuries that may be sustained.


This type of spinal cord injury is a result of the cervical spinal cord sustaining damage. The cervical spinal cord is the uppermost part of the spinal cord where it connects to the brain, as well as where the neck connects to the back.

A tetraplegia is also referred to as quadriplegia because it impacts the injured party’s ability to use all parts of the body below the injury location. The higher the injury is, the more potential it is for the injured individual to lose ability of function in all four limbs.


When a person sustains paraplegia, it means they no longer have function of their lower limbs. They are caused by the thoracic spinal cord suffering damage. As with tetraplegia, the higher the damage on the spinal cord, the more potential there is for severe injuries.


These cases involve individuals who lose function in both lower limbs, as well as one of the upper limbs. It is often a form of an incomplete spinal cord injury, and the injured individual maintains the ability to use one of their arms.

A spinal cord injury is one of the more difficult things to overcome as the injuries are lifelong. They’re enough to negatively impact the victim’s entire way of life. As such, it’s important for those who sustain harm to recognize what rights they have to pursue legal action.

Our Atlanta spinal cord injury lawyers at Goldstein Hayes & Lina, LLC are committed to your rights after an injury caused by negligence. Trust that we’re ready to help you during this difficult time. We’re in your corner from start to finish.

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