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Drunk Driving Accidents

Atlanta Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys

Fighting for Victims of Drunk Drivers Throughout Atlanta

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Every year, thousands of people are killed in drunk driving accidents. According to National Drunk Driving Statistics, there were 375 drunk driving fatalities in Georgia in 2018. In 2018 alone, 139 individuals under the age of 21 were arrested for drunk driving in Georgia. A total of 23,449 motorists were arrested that year for drunk driving in Georgia. Drunk driving is a serious concern nationwide that has caused devastating losses to families and irreversible injuries to passengers and drivers. If you or a loved one has been hurt by a drunk driver, our team at Goldstein Hayes & Lina, LLC can assist you. We have earned a reputation as dedicated advocates who work meticulously to provide effective results and client-focused service.

Qualities that make our Atlanta drunk driving accident lawyers unique:

  • We treat every client as if they are our only client.
  • We don’t charge legal fees unless we win you money.
  • We have extensive experience negotiating and litigating complex accident claims.
  • We have recovered $400+ million for our injured clients.

Having effectively handled some of the toughest injury claims, we understand the challenges and obstacles that our clients face. Our drunk driving accident lawyers in Atlanta can walk you through every step of the claims process, helping you fight for full and fair compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Can You Sue a Drunk Driver for Hitting You?

Absolutely. When a driver chooses to get into their car and drive while intoxicated, they are acting in a negligent manner and take upon themselves the liability for any accidents that occur as a result of this negligence. In order to have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit, you need to be able to prove the following:

  • The other driver owed you a duty of care (i.e. they should have obeyed the laws against drunk driving)
  • The driver acted in a negligent manner by choosing to drive while intoxicated
  • Their negligent behavior resulted in the accident and led to you suffering injuries

If you believe that you have a drunk driving personal injury case based on the above stipulations, reach out to Goldstein Hayes & Lina today to speak with our DUI accident lawyers in a free consultation.

Can You Sue the Bar for Serving a Drunk Driver?

In some cases, liability in drunk driving accidents can extend beyond the driver. The state of Georgia has dram shop laws that allow an injured person to hold establishments liable for serving alcohol to drivers.

If a restaurant, bar, or liquor store knowingly served alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person or a minor under 21 years old while knowing they would operate a vehicle, then they can be held legally liable. The same also applies to social hosts who serve alcohol at parties or other events.

Can I Sue for Punitive Damages in a Drunk Driving Accident?

In cases where the at-fault driver is found to be drunk at the time of the accident, the victim or their family may pursue punitive damages against the drunk driver. "Punitive Damages" refers to monetary compensation intended to punish the at-fault party for behaving in a manner that is particularly reckless or indifferent towards other individuals.

One thing to keep in mind is that Georgia does place a cap on how much you can recover through punitive damages, unless the at-fault driver was intentionally acting with intent to harm another individual. In cases where you cannot prove intent to harm, the damage cap is $250,000 (O.C.G.A.51-12-5.1).

What Are Georgia's Drunk Driving Laws?

In Georgia, it is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 percent or higher. A driver who has a BAC of .08 percent or higher may be charged with a DUI. In addition, a driver with a BAC between .05 and .08 percent may be charged with a DUI in circumstances where it is established that the consumption of alcohol made them a less safe driver. Drivers with commercial licenses and underage drivers have even lower BAC limits, they cannot exceed a BAC of .04 percent and .02 percent respectively.

Is the Drunk Driver Always At Fault?

Unfortunately, just proving that the other driver was drunk at the time of your accident isn't enough to put all of the fault on them. You will still need to prove that their actions directly caused the accident. However, proving that a driver was driving while intoxicated can help establish the fact that they were acting negligently and thereby disregarding the duty of care that they owed to other drivers, which is half of the battle when proving a personal injury claim. Our team can help you put together a strong case that will hold the drunk driver accountable and ensure you receive the justice and compensation that you deserve following your accident.

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As a boutique personal injury law firm in Atlanta, we limit our caseloads, so we can dedicate all of our resources and attention into each case. You can expect to be treated like an important part of our team, not just a case number. When you need a proven team to help you obtain real results and justice following a car accident, we’re here for you.

Call our experienced drunk driving accident Attorneys in Atlanta at (888) 425-6070 if you have suffered serious injuries in a motor vehicle crash caused by an intoxicated driver.

Case Results

More Than $400 Million Won for Georgia's Injured
  • $150 Million Truck Driver DUI: Wrongful Death
  • $30 Million Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries Requiring Extensive Treatment
  • $24,000,000 Commercial Motor Vehicle Collision Involving Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
  • $20 Million Medical Negligence: Medical Malpractice
  • $17,250,00 Wrongful death tractor trailer collision
  • $9 Million Medical Negligence: Traumatic Brain Injury
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      If you are looking for the most efficient, professional and ethical law firm in Georgia you do not need to look any further than Goldstein Hayes & Lina, P.C. There are not enough kind and positive words that can use to express the gratitude and respect
      - Eileen G.
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      Atty. Jonathan Hayes worked very hard for me and getting my case settle in a timely matter. I will recommend Goldstein Hayes & Lina P.C. to anyone looking for the best personal injury attorneys in Atlanta. They have exceeded my expectations.
      - Shunte
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      Goldstein Hayes & Lina made my unfortunate experience positive by representing me with little to no work on my end. It allowed me to heal from my injuries without worries. Mr. Hayes and paralegals were extremely attentive, personable, and there for me
      - Lauren J.
      "They have been so wonderful."

      Mr. Hayes, Jessica and Alli have helped me with two cases in the past 3 years, and they have been so wonderful! The generosity and kindness of everyone at this practice are just great. I will always refer them to anyone that needs legal representation f

      - Amanda S.
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      I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the time and effort Jonathan Hayes and his staff have put into making my case successful!! Me and my family are forever grateful for all the help and support you have given us over the years. Jonathan Hayes fights fo
      - Cherry H.
      "Compassionate and professional service."
      Mr. Hayes, as well as his paralegal Jessica, offered us compassionate and professional service. Nothing can bring our son back, but having Mr. Hayes walk us through the litigation process made this nightmare just a little bit more bearable.
      - Dorcas W.
      "Highly recommended!"
      If you're looking for a firm that will fight for you, this is definitely the place to be. No fast-talking or bait and switch. They did everything they said they would do! They stood by me and concerned themselves with what concerned me.
      - Tina C.
      "The best attorney I have ever worked with."
      Both Jonathan and Jessica are extremely professional and really took care of me. Their communication was incredible through the whole process and I never had to worry about anything. From the start, they were really involved and interested in my wellbeing
      - Jessica P.
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