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Drowning & Swimming Pool Accident Lawyers in Atlanta

Goldstein Hayes & Lina, LLC - Atlanta Drowning Accident Attorneys

Unfortunately, swimming pool accidents and drownings are not uncommon in Georgia. What starts out as a fun afternoon by the swimming pool can quickly turn into a tragic drowning that changes the lives of families forever. As experienced injury attorneys and parents ourselves, we recognize there are few accidents more tragic than those involving children. Drowning is the second leading cause of death in children ages 1 to 14 years. Thousands of children have suffered brain damage because of inadequate supervision, negligent lifeguarding, defective pool gates and fences, defective pumps and defective pool drains.

Non-fatal swimming pool accidents and hot tub accidents can cause life-altering permanent conditions such as brain damage, spinal cord injuries or paralysis. The Atlanta swimming pool accident attorneys atGoldstein Hayes & Lina, LLC are dedicated to helping families whose loved ones have been seriously injured or drowned in a swimming pool accident or hot tub accident. Our legal team understands the emotional issues involved with drowning cases and near-drowning cases, and we are committed to providing families with the support, legal advice, and help they need during this difficult time.

We Often Hear the Question: “Do I Need a Lawyer?”

Whether the swimming pool accident or hut tub accident case is related to the negligence of a lifeguard, inadequate supervision around a swimming pool or defective pool equipment, there may be only a short amount of time to seek help and bring forth a claim. All personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits have a statute of limitations, and claims against governmental entities (states, counties, and cities) have specific notice requirements (Ante Litem Notice) that may mandate you file a claim within 6 months after the tragic event. If the proper notice is not provided, the claim or lawsuit may be barred.

If you believe that someone may be at fault for a swimming pool accident or drowning accident, or you would just like to discuss your options with an attorney, please do not hesitate to contact our Atlanta law firm. At Goldstein Hayes & Lina, LLC, we offer afree initial consultation to discuss your claim and in most cases, we collect no attorneys’ fees unless we recover damages through settlement or trial.

Commercial, Public, & Apartment Drownings

Unfortunately, drownings in apartments, hotels, commercial establishments, resorts, water parks, and other public places are common, especially when proper warnings aren’t posted or there is inadequate safety. Adults or children may be more susceptible to drown in places where it is easy to get in due to defective gates or fences, and where there are inadequate lifeguards or no lifeguard on duty.

By allowing the swimming pool to be easily accessible, babies or small children without swimming experience may be able to get into the pool without supervision. This can cause serious harm or even death. Our swimming pool accident attorneys handle a variety of swimming pool and drowning accident claims arising from poor safety conditions, such as:

  • Pool drain entrapment
  • Lack of depth indicators
  • Discolored or murky water
  • Inadequate safety fencing
  • Inadequate warning signs
  • Improper child supervision
  • Overcrowded swimming pool
  • Weak or broken pool ladders
  • Improper operating procedures
  • Non-working swimming pool lights
  • Broken swimming pool drains or pumps
  • Lifeguard negligence or improper training
  • Failure to cover swimming pool or hot tub drains
  • Improper defective or missing safety equipment, such as throwing ropes and Sheppard’s Hooks
  • Defective or unsafe swimming pool equipment, such as diving boards, gates, fences, ladders, or pool drains

Over 75 Years of Advocacy for Children & Their Families

Families should never have to endure the pain of a drowning accident alone. We are grateful for the trust that our clients place in our personal injury law firm during this very difficult time in their lives. If you or your child is injured in a swimming pool accident, it is necessary to promptly contact an Atlanta swimming accident attorney with experience and a lawyer who knows how to handle a swimming pool accident or drowning case.

Goldstein Hayes & Lina, LLC has represented families in complex cases relating to swimming pool accidents and drownings in public and private swimming pools and hot tubs. Our team has extensive experience seeking compensation from hotel and motels, athletic clubs, municipal swimming pools, homeowners, and manufactures of pumps and drains. Many times, families just need to have questions answered by an attorney or would like to discuss their options before proceeding. Other times, it may be necessary for a lawyer to file a personal injury lawsuit or a drowning wrongful death lawsuit.

To schedule a free initial consultation with an Atlanta swimming accident attorney, contact us at (888) 425-6070.

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