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Far too often, individuals suffer from traumatic brain injuries caused by the negligence of another, putting the victim at risk of experiencing long-term effects. Many individuals think of the physical impact caused by these brain injuries, but very few consider the emotional and mental impact.

One long-term impact in the aftermath of a brain injury is the potential for a change in how the injured individual behaves. Behavior changes are common, and it can impact a person’s entire life following a brain injury, even if they don’t show the physical effects of a catastrophic injury.

Sudden Emotional Changes

When individuals experience emotional and mental changes in behavior following a brain injury, part of the potential effects could be agitation. The injured individual may get mad more often than they normally did before they sustained the injury.

The change can be very sudden, and the individual may go from happy, to sad, to angry in a short-time period. As a result, the family may be unprepared on how to handle these mood changes and it can feel difficult not knowing what to do when they happen.

The Potential Impact of Depression

One emotional change that may occur is the injured individual may suffer from depression following the injury. It’s a serious situation and often very difficult to endure, so it’s important for the family to recognize the signs, acknowledge it, and help provide support to their loved one.

A brain injury is always serious, regardless of how much it shows physically on the injured party. Emotional damages are just as difficult to experience and are compensable as non-economic damages in a catastrophic injury lawsuit.

At Goldstein Hayes & Lina, LLC, our Atlanta brain injury lawyers work with you to help you understand what rights you have and protect them every step of the way. Trust that we put your best interests first, looking to help you secure the most favorable outcome possible.

Brain injuries are often caused by one party’s negligent and reckless actions. When this happens, you deserve the right to pursue legal action to hold the party accountable civilly and financially. We’re here to help you move forward.

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