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Cars in Atlanta During Snowpocalypse

Although it rarely snows in Atlanta, cold weather safety is still a big concern, especially since we tend to see more rain around this time of year. That, combined with freezing temperatures, has the potential to turn dangerous. To help you navigate icy roads and cold weather, we’ve put together these winter safety tips for Georgia drivers.

Keep a Full Tank

Common knowledge claims that you should keep your car’s fuel tank full in cold weather because it will prevent condensation from forming in the tank and also prevent the fuel lines from freezing. This is mostly a problem for older vehicles.

For most modern vehicles, the real concern is that a sudden storm could cause traffic to come to a standstill and could leave you stranded on the road. When that happens, a full fuel tank could be the difference between waiting it out in a heated car and breaking down in the freezing cold.

Take It Slow

The most valuable tip for driving on wet roads is to slow down. Increase both your following distance and braking distance. Be prepared to tap the brakes if you start skidding. As a general rule, plan to travel about 5 MPH slower on wet roads or 10 MPH slower if there is standing water or snow. Going slow will help you maintain control of your vehicle.

Minimize Travel

On the off chance that it does snow, avoid traveling unless absolutely necessary. If you are unfamiliar with driving on icy or snow-covered roads, you may find yourself caught off-guard by how your car handles when turning and braking. If you aren’t confident in your driving abilities or if you’ve never driven on snow before, the best thing you can do is stay home and wait for the plows to clean up the roads.

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