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Man on white background in pain holding head with red space outlining headache.

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can change your life forever. It can cause memory problems, impair movement and cognitive function, or even change your personality. For those reasons, it’s important to recognize which three situations are most likely to cause a traumatic brain injury so you can avoid them whenever possible.

#3: Strike From an Object

Strikes from an object, caused by a violent attack or falling debris are one of the top causes of TBIs, accounting for about 15% of all cases in the US. Strikes from falling objects tend to be particularly severe because they may hit the victim on the head, causing them to fall, then hit them again when they’re on the ground.

Brain damage is just one symptom associated with strikes from an object. Often, if the blow is great enough to cause brain damage, it may also have caused a skull fracture.

#2: Car Crash

Even with an airbag, the force exchanged in a severe car crash can rattle your whole body and cause your brain to bounce inside your skull. This can lead to concussions or more severe kinds of brain damage.

High-grade concussions are especially dangerous because the victim can appear fine for a few hours only to experience traumatic symptoms, including stroke or death, the next day. That’s just one reason why anyone involved in a car crash needs to see a doctor as soon as possible.

#1: Slip and Fall

Falls account for about 50% of all American brain injuries. While slip and falls are often associated with frivolous lawsuits in the movies, the reality is shocking and unpleasant. Whether the fall is caused by a wet floor, an unsteady ladder, or anything else, the victim should receive medical treatment and a concussion assessment as soon as possible.

Falls from a height are especially problematic because the force of impact is multiplied by the height. More often than not, that causes significantly more serious injuries, including internal bleeding, broken bones, or even instantaneous death.

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