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Across the country, mothers are making sacrifices to support and nurture their children. At the same time, there are mothers whose lives are forever derailed due to mishaps that occur as they attempt to bring new life into the world. Sometimes these mistakes are due to a doctor’s lack in judgment and other times women are injured by a lack of skill during delivery. Whatever the source, the results of injury during childbirth are often tragic. Andrea Larkin recently received compensation for the tragic experience she suffered while giving birth to her daughter.

Baby Larkin

Andrea Larkin was an athlete throughout most of her life. She ran the Boston Marathon in 2004. The race left her with some dizziness that led her to consult a physician. Dr. Jehane Johnston ordered both an MRI and a CAT scan for Larkin. The test results demonstrated that Larkin had a brain abnormality. The doctor was then obligated to place her name on a universal list notifying other physicians of Larkin’s condition. Larkin’s name was never added to the list.

In 2008 Larkin and her husband were expecting their first child, a daughter named Alexa. Without any indication of the abnormality found in 2004, Larkin and her doctor planned to have a natural birth. Had her doctor known of the abnormality, a caesarean section would have been scheduled. Because Larkin’s body was unable to handle a natural birth, she suffered a massive stroke and has been completely paralyzed ever since.

The Verdict

Just in time for Mother’s Day a Dedham jury returned a verdict of $35.4 million to Larkin for her medical malpractice claim. Larkin is now 35 years old and has suffered from paralysis for seven years. Her attorney explained that “she requires 24-hour care for pretty much everything. She has difficulty with speech. She can’t work.” Prior to the injury Larkin was a teacher at the Foxborough Regional Charter School. Her husband, Tim, explained, “Any time you see your wife, your best friend, have this happen to her, and given the person that she was before all this happened, and given how she wanted to be as a mother, in terms of playing a very active role in that capacity, it’s devastating to see.” Tim expressed his sorrow that his wife is generally homebound and reliant on caregivers to do even simple, everyday activities. In addition to the struggles the family faces on a daily basis, they have been paying for Larkin’s care since the injury. According to their attorney the annual cost of her care came to $200,000 each year.

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No one should have to suffer after entrusting their health to a physician. If you have been injured at the hands of a negligent healthcare provider the Atlanta birth injury lawyers at Goldstein Hayes & Lina, LLC are here to help. Our experienced attorneys are committed to helping you win your case.

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