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Summer vacation has arrived, which means kids across the country are enjoying time in swimming pools. Here at Goldstein Hayes & Lina, LLC, we want to ensure that your children are enjoying pool time safely.

Every year, too many children are victims of drowning or non-fatal submersion injuries. If your child survives one of these incidents, it can cause permanent damage. TheVirginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act was enacted to provide safety regulations for public pools and spas. The act requires public pools and spas to install safety devices, including drain covers. All public pools must be compliant with this act, but residential pools are not regulated in the same way.

According to the 2013 CPSC Pool and Spa Submersion Report, 76% of reported drowning deaths involved children under 5 years old. The vast majority of reported deaths and injuries occurred in swimming pools, 85% occurred in residential pools.

Implementing as many water safety measures as possible is the best way to ensure your children have a safe and fun summer. Parents can adopt many of the following water safety measures at their home pools.

Keep a Close Watch on Your Children

  • Always ensure your children are supervised when they are in or near a swimming pool.

  • Teach your children water safety measures.

  • To avoid entrapment, keep your children away from all pool openings including drains and pipes.

  • Have a telephone nearby when your family is swimming in case the need for emergency assistance.

  • Ensure your whole family, friends, and neighbors are aware of your safety instructions.

Teach and Practice Water Safety

  • Know how to swim and ensure that your child knows how to swim properly.

  • Learn to perform CPR in case of emergency.

  • Understand the basics of rescuing someone in the event of emergency.

Ensure Your Pool is Properly Equipped

  • All residential pools should have at least a four-foot fence around it with self-closing and self-latching gates.

  • Utilize a lockable safety cover on a spa.

  • If your house is serving as a side of the fence around a pool, installing and using door alarms will alert you that your child is in your backyard near the pool. For additional protection, install window guards on any house windows that face your pool or spa, as well as gate alarms.

  • Ensure that your pool or spa has compliant safety drain covers.

  • Maintain your pool and spa covers.

  • Consider installing an underwater alarm.

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