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In September 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration initiated an investigation into 2011 through 2013 Ford Fiestas in connection with having faulty door latches. The NHTSA launched the investigation after it received 61 complaints from drivers “about the doors on the subcompacts failing to latch and sometimes even flying open while driving.”

According to the NHTSA’s press release, “Complainants alleged that the door(s) failed to latch, with several reports indicating that the ‘door ajar’ warning light on the dash appeared.” Twelve incidents reported that the doors opened after they had been shut and the drivers had already started their routes. One of the complaints included a driver who suffered an injury when being hit by a door that rebounded after trying to close the door.

The NHTSA initially reported that the problem could affect as many as 205,000 cars. In response to the investigation, Ford commented that it is “cooperating with NHTSA on this investigation, as we always do."

Ford Recalls Hundreds of Thousands of Fiestas

In connection with the NHTSA investigation, Ford has issued a recall for 390,000 cars possibly allegedly by the faulty door latches. The faulty doors have apparently been linked to two minor injuries and one accident. Since 2014, Ford has already issued four recalls for more than 1.4 million vehicles possibly affected by the defective door latches.

Initially, Ford planned to issue only a regional recall. Officials from Ford and the NHTSA, however, met, and Ford agreed to a more sweeping recall. NHTSA Administrator Mark Rosekind commented that, “in response to a thorough NHTSA investigation that demonstrated a clear risk to safety, Ford is taking important action to protect its customers. We are pleased that Ford is taking this proactive step for safety.”

In total, Ford says that is has received 451 complaints related to the defective door latches and has received more than 1,000 warranty claims. There are two injuries reported to have been caused when a rebounding door struck the person trying to close the door. Another incident allegedly occurred when a door opened while the car had been driving at a low speed and struck a vehicle. Ford, however, noted that it does not believe that a door affected by this problem will inadvertently unlatch.

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