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Reduce Phone Use Behind the Wheel With These Apps

Distracted driving is growing into a greater problem than ever before. With more cars increasing capabilities that enable drivers to access their phone apps from the steering wheel dashboard, there are greater means for drivers to have their attention diverted.

However, with this growing concern comes a greater need to refocus a driver’s attention. Applications and phone features have been released over the past several years that utilize call blocking technology and other features to reduce the need for cellphone use. Here are some examples of apps that can help reduce driving distractions.

Driving Focus on Apple Devices

Apple added an update with iOS 15 that would enable drivers to make their “Do Not Disturb” notifications more specific to their present task. This addition included Driving Focus, a feature that can be manually turned on in Settings or automatically enabled when your phone detects certain motion. One benefit to using this feature is that it silences notifications and auto-replies to your contacts (when enabled) so they know that you will not respond while driving.


Available on Android devices, Live2Txt is a call blocking app that silences notifications. It also has custom messaging available that will alert the person who contacts you, letting them know you will not respond right away.

Service Provider Apps

Several service providers (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) have announced specific apps for Android users to utilize while driving. Similar to Driving Focus on Apple, these applications will block notifications on incoming calls and text messages so that the driver can stay attentive to the road. Furthermore, some of these apps have automatic capabilities that trigger the call blocking system when the vehicle accelerates past 15 mph.

To learn more about whether these features are available on your cellular plan, contact your service provider to see what applications are available.

Texting While Driving Accident Lawyers in Atlanta

Cell phone use contributes to a significant number of serious crashes every year, and every driver can do their part to reduce these preventable collisions. Goldstein Hayes & Lina, LLC has represented countless injured individuals who were harmed by negligent drivers and have the skills necessary to help with your case. Schedule a free consultation today by calling (888) 425-6070.

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