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Girl on the phone while driving.

Five Signs of a Distracted Driver

Data from the Governor’s Office of Traffic Safety suggests that over 50 percent of drivers involved in crashes in 2019 were suspected of distracted driving. Every day, drivers endanger the roadways by texting, eating, engaging with passengers, etc., and put others at risk of a collision. But how can you spot a distracted driver? Here are five signs to look out for.

#1. Swerving or Drifting Into Other Lanes

If you’ve ever seen a car weaving in and out of its lane or drifting into other lanes, there’s a good chance the driver is distracted. Whether they’re trying to reach for something in the passenger seat or looking at their phone, their attention isn’t where it should be—on the road.

#2. Stopping Unexpectedly

If you’re following a car and they brake suddenly or roll through stop signs, it could be another sign of distracted driving. Inattentive drivers may not notice traffic slowing down until it’s too late, causing them to slam on their brakes. This could result in the driver behind them rear-ending their car.

#3. Not Maintaining a Consistent Speed

One of the most obvious signs of a distracted driver is not maintaining a consistent speed. Whether they’re speeding up to pass someone or slowing down for no reason, their erratic driving could be due to inattention.

#4. Driver Posture or Position

If you notice a driver with poor posture or an awkward position, it may be another indication that they’re distracted. For example, if they’re hunched over in their seat or leaning to one side, it could mean they’re looking at something other than the road.

#5. Running Red Lights or Disobeying Traffic Signs

Distracted drivers may not notice traffic lights or stop signs, leading them to run red lights or disobey other traffic laws. This puts both the driver and others on the road in danger.

Hit By a Distracted Driver? Call Goldstein Hayes & Lina, LLC

Although many people assume that answering a quick text message is harmless, it can quickly turn into a life or death situation. For the best chance at keeping yourself and others safe, avoid becoming distracted when behind the wheel.

Goldstein Hayes & Lina, LLC is dedicated to helping injured victims hold negligent individuals accountable for causing them harm. When you need legal assistance, call (888) 425-6070 to speak with a member of our team.

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