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Police officer administering drunk driving test

When you’re struck by a drunk driver, you have a duty to hold that person accountable, both for your own recovery and for the safety of others. But what exactly should you do after a crash with a drunk driver? Allow us to explain.

Call the Police

It’s important to get a police report after any normal car crash, but it’s essential when you’ve been struck by a drunk driver. If you meet the other driver and find they exhibit signs of intoxication (stumbling, slurred speech, smell of alcohol, etc.), you should call the police and report a crash with a drunk driver at your location.

The police are best equipped to manage the situation, administer sobriety tests, and detain those who are unsafe to drive. If you are struck by a drunk driver, and you don’t report it to the police, you risk that driver leaving the scene of the crash without exchanging their information and also potentially endangering others.

Similarly, the police will take the other driver’s insurance information in their police report, meaning you don’t have to risk a potential confrontation if the other driver becomes aggressive.

Protecting Yourself

If you find yourself facing a belligerent or aggressive driver, do not engage with them. Intoxicated drivers are unpredictable and could turn to violence when faced with a car crash. If you are at all afraid for your safety, call the police and remain in your car with the doors locked. If the other driver attempts to flee the scene, try to get their license plate as well as the make, model, and color of the vehicle. This will help police track the driver and hold them accountable.

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