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Father helping young son with backpack in woods with sister and car in the background

Summer road trips are another great American tradition. You pack the whole family into the car and set off on the highway for a full day of driving. While road trips are fun, it’s also important to recognize their dangers, especially around the Atlanta area. To help illustrate this point, we’ll highlight three roads to avoid on your next road trip.

I-59 (Wildwood GA to Slidell, LA)

There are only about 20 miles of Interstate 59 in Georgia, but the stretch from Wildwood to Slidell, Louisiana is one of the deadliest routes in the country, seeing nearly 0.5 deaths per mile. Vacationers should be especially careful on roads around Birmingham, Alabama as that section of Interstate 59 sees more crashes than any other part of that road.


This road crosses through Atlanta but spans from South Carolina to west Texas. Interstate 20 is notorious, not just for crashes, but for truck crashes. Interstate 20 is the 4th most dangerous road for truckers in the entire country, seeing 0.57 deaths per mile. That adds up to nearly 900 fatalities per year! If you’re thinking about heading to Texas for vacation, you may want to find another route.

I-75 through Atlanta

Interstate 75 goes from Miami to the farthest reaches of Michigan, but no section of that highway is deadlier than the stretch through Atlanta. In fact, Interstate 75 is the deadliest road in the entire state of Georgia. On average, more than 110 people lose their lives on this road in June, July, and August alone.

Next time you’re traveling these roads, remain vigilant or maybe consider taking a different route altogether. It just might save you from a serious crash.

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