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people hanging out in a pool

It’s a hot, muggy summer day, and you decide to take the family to the pool for the afternoon. When you get there, you can already tell it’s busy. There’s more than a hundred people in the water and only a few lifeguards. This is a perfect illustration of why you should avoid overcrowded swimming pools. Here’s why.

Lifeguard on Duty

The more people there are in a pool, the more lifeguards there must be to protect them. On an especially crowded day, lifeguards may need to double up, with one watching an area in an elevated seat while another walks around the pool.

Each person at the pool adds to the distraction of scanning. Moreover, waving arms and horseplay block a lifeguard’s view making it much more difficult to spot someone who needs help. If the pool is completely overcrowded, lifeguards may struggle to see someone who has fallen beneath the water.

An Overstimulating Crowd

If the pool doesn’t employ enough lifeguards or if the pool is above maximum capacity, the lifeguards either may not notice someone drowning or may not be able to respond in time to prevent a drowning incident.

Unfortunately, even experienced lifeguards struggle to identify a drowning patron at an overcrowded pool. One study had nearly 70 trained lifeguards watch videos of a crowded pool featuring a dramatized drowning.

The study found that less-experienced lifeguards only had a 16% chance of noticing someone drowning in a crowded, dynamic scene. The rate was only 31% among the veteran lifeguards.

The message is clear: Overcrowded pools represent a big risk. Even if you’re an experienced swimmer, a drowning event can happen without notice. And when it does, the lifeguards may not react in time to prevent a serious injury.

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