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We’ve always been told that by having insurance, you are essentially protected in the event of an accident. However, it’s not always explained that if the car accident is someone else’s fault, it’s not your own insurance company you’re dealing with; rather, you’re at the mercy of the at-fault party’s provider.

Many times, these insurance providers are not looking out for the injured individuals for multiple reasons. One, you’re not their policyholder and don’t pay a premium with them. And two, they’re a big corporation looking out for their own profits.

So, at times, insurance companies may lie to protect their bottom line. Some of the lies are listed below:

  • They may claim that their policyholder was not liable for the accident
  • They may claim that their policy limits are lower than they really are, limiting compensation
  • They may claim the policy doesn’t cover certain expenses
  • They may claim that if you don’t accept a settlement, you won’t receive anything
  • They may claim that you suffered an injury before or after the accident, not as a result of it
  • They may claim that they have witnesses putting you at fault
  • They may claim you have to provide a recorded statement
  • They may claim they’re looking out for your best interests
  • They may claim that once your claim is closed, it can’t be reopened

Not all insurance companies will lie to you. Some are genuinely looking out for your best interests. But others may work as hard as possible, utilizing their legal teams to turn the tables on you, putting the liability on your plate, and avoiding the payout you rightfully deserve.

At Goldstein Hayes & Lina, LLC, we recognize the lies that insurance companies tell to try and limit how much they owe injury victims. Because of this, we work hard to help you after a car wreck seek the compensation you need and the justice you deserve.

Trust in our Atlanta car accident lawyers to care for you during this difficult time. We’re here to stand by your side at every phase so you not only know what options you have and what to expect, but so you can protect your rights from unscrupulous insurance companies.

Call us today at (888) 425-6070 to discuss your rights with our firm.

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