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How often do you hear about large car accident cases going to trial? It’s not very often and there’s a big reason for it.

Just think about what trials accomplish and how much of a public spotlight it is for all those involved. Unfortunately, much of the issue regarding trials for the injured party and the defendant is the concern regarding the various costs associated with it.

Even more so, it’s the insurance company trying to limit how much they have to put into a case that creates the possibility of a settlement. As such, many cases end in settlement. Here’s why:

Insurance Companies Don’t Want the Negative PR

If someone is injured and the insurance company tries to limit their own liability, there are some questionable tactics that often come into play. If a case goes to trial, the details can become more public and the aspects of the case involving the insurance company can be seen as negative public relations.

In order to protect themselves from losing customers—and money—the insurance company may agree to settle in lieu of the lawsuit to make the case go away. They’re often banking on you needing money for medical bills and lost wages, so the settlement offer may be lower than needed and you can still work to get maximum compensation.

Insurance Companies Want to Avoid Extra Costs

While you know that your lawyers receive a percentage of the total amount you receive at the end of a personal injury case, the insurance company also has to pay for their own legal team and time spent in court should the matter go to trial.

To avoid spending too much on court fees and more, the insurance company may feel it is best to simply settle for the amount requested by the injured party. This may be beneficial for all parties involved, but if the amount offered doesn’t cover the damages, you have the right to pursue more.

Our Atlanta car accident attorneys at Goldstein Hayes & Lina, LLC. work hard to create a strong case strategy on your behalf. Our top priority is pursuing the compensation you need to properly recover and move forward in the most positive manner possible.

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