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As we know, there are a number of potential issues that you can encounter over the course of a lawsuit involving Uber and Lyft. One of the potential problems that can arise is determining the main cause and who is considered responsible because there are multiple factors involved.

For any person injured as a result of this type of accidents, recognizing the various causes can help you truly understand how liability plays a role and who should be held accountable for your compensation. Here are some of the potential causes of which you should be aware.


What many people don’t know is that drivers for Uber and Lyft are consistently receiving new notifications of potential passengers. This notification goes to their phones and requires them to manually accept or decline the fare.

This wouldn’t be a problem if the driver was stationary. However, many times these come in while the driver is on the move. He or she must take their eyes off the road to look at the notification and hand off the wheel to accept or decline. This distraction is often enough to cause a serious crash.

Scanning for Passengers

Rideshare drivers are not always familiar with the areas in which they’re picking up passengers. This means they have to look and scan closely to find the right street as well as the passenger on the side of the road. This can result in the driver operating the car slowly, stopping unexpectedly, or failing to see other vehicles stop in front of them.

Because of the unfamiliarity with the areas, the Uber or Lyft driver can also cause a serious crash when they stop suddenly or make an illegal U-turn to pick up a passenger on the other side of the street. This puts other vehicles in danger (such as a car legally turning right when the Uber or Lyft driver illegally U-turns into the same lane, causing a serious crash).

At Goldstein Hayes & Lina, LLC, we take these matters seriously because our clients deserve it. Trust that we can help you navigate the complex matters concerning rideshare accidents and guide you through the process with a focus on helping you obtain the maximum compensation possible.

When you need dedicated advocacy, you can count on our Atlanta rideshare accident lawyers to be by your side, protecting your rights every step of the way. Trust us to be the voice you need to move forward.

Call our firm today at (888) 425-6070 and discuss your potential rights.

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