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Drunk driving is one of the most dangerous situations that exists on the roads. Every year, thousands and thousands of people sustain injuries—or even worse, die—as a result of drunk driving accidents. This is a situation that must be stopped.

Unfortunately, this is going to take quite a bit of work and a number of people to put in the necessary effort to help end drunk driving. In Georgia, one group working towards that goal is the Mothers Against Drunk Driving organization.

This is an organization dedicated to helping reduce the number of drunk driving accidents that occur. Even more important, the hope is to saved lives and help those who have been hurt. Our team at Goldstein Hayes & Lina, LLC works to help MADD, the Atlanta Falcons, and Atlanta United to bring awareness to this issue, sponsoring events and helping with necessary resources.

MADD’s History

MADD was founded in 1980 when one mother made the decision to start a movement focusing on changing the course of history and working towards ending the problem of drunk and drugged driving for good.

They offer many solutions with the hopes that others will learn from the past and recognize the dangers of driving while intoxicated. Some of the solutions include:

  • Drunk driving prevention: As part of the Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving, the hope is that public support, advanced vehicle technology, ignition interlock devices, and high-visibility law enforcement can help prevent these types of accidents.
  • Drugged driving prevention: MADD wants to have standardized field sobriety testing in all states, the Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement program, and the Drug Evaluation and Classification program to help identify drugged driving and get these individuals off the road.
  • Teen drinking prevention: It’s unfortunate, but a large number of drunk driving accidents involve teens drinking and driving. To help, MADD utilizes the Power of Parents® and Power of You(th)® programs to encourage communication and teens standing up for themselves to deny alcohol.

One other thing that MADD does is offer help when individuals are impacted by drunk or drugged driving. They offer a number of resources for individuals who have either been impacted, know someone who drives while impaired, is the parent of someone who needs help, or is a victim of drunk or drugged driving.

What Our Firm Does About Drunk Driving

It’s unfortunate, but our team has seen the direct impact of drunk driving accidents and how much harm they can cause to victims and their families. We are aware of how much of a problem this is, which is why we work with MADD as a sponsor to help with events and resources they offer.

For instance, we’ll be sponsoring the organizations Walk Like MADD 5K in September to help raise awareness and the funds necessary to aid in the goal of eliminating drunk driving. This event brought out tens of thousands of individuals across the country last year.

You can also donate to MADD here.

Drunk driving claims too many lives and those impacted are left to wonder what if there was a resource in place to prevent this. This is what our firm wants to do. We want to help MADD come up with the best possible solutions.

We know that wrongful death is often a result of drunk driving accidents and we want to help those affected by it as much as we possibly can.

While we’re a personal injury law firm, we don’t like knowing that it is tragedy leading to someone needing our services. We truly care about our community, their well-being, and their safety. At the end of the day, we’ll always want what’s best for everyone on the road.

Continue to check back to learn more about the Walk Like MADD event, the impacts of drunk driving, and what you can do to help the movement.

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