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While swimming pools are generally a source of excitement, enjoyment, and exercise, they pose a unique risk to children who are especially vulnerable to drowning or injury. What many people don’t realize is that pool suction entrapments are a hidden danger for children, as they can lead to fatalities such as drowning. The best protection is prevention, but it can be nearly impossible to police every swimming pool your child enters--especially when drains are an industry-wide installation.

Suction entrapment is when a swimmer is trapped by the suction forces rushing out of the drain at the bottom of the pool. Sometimes, these swimmers are simply stuck until someone relieves them, and suffer serious injuries as a result. In other cases, these swimmers--often small children--are trapped underwater until they drown.

While the swimming pool industry has acknowledged the danger these drains pose, and many drains have been sealed and are no longer being installed, many pools still have them for the belief that they are necessary for circulation. The use of drains is outdated and does not prove to aide circulation in any way, and the number of injuries or deaths which occur as a result are entirely preventable with the removal of these contraptions.

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