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As the temperatures rise during the spring and summer months, so does the risk of tire blowouts. The warmer weather causes the pavement to heat up, which can cause tire pressure to build. When combined with high speeds and tires that are not properly maintained, blowouts can become likely.

When a blowout does occur and people are hurt, responsibility can fall in several different places: in some cases the tire was defective and, other times, the driver can be liable for not properly maintaining their vehicle. Whichever the case, tires that are prone to blowout can be recognized if proper vigilance is exercised by you, the driver. Below our three tips we all can follow to keep our tires healthy and avoid blowout on the road.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Maintaining proper tire pressure is crucial in avoiding a tire blowout. In fact, poor tire pressure is the most common cause of tire blowouts. Tires that are under-inflated can heat up faster, which causes more friction. If your tires are looking underinflated, don’t continue to drive your car without fixing it. When checking your tire pressure, be sure to do so in the evening when temperatures are cooler to get a more accurate reading.

Don’t Overload Your Car

For drivers who own a pickup truck, it can be easy to overload your car – especially during the summer when many of us are going on long road trips or camping trips, which require a fairly large amount of luggage and equipment. The bed of your pickup truck may accommodate a full load, but you should check to see what the weight limit of your tires are.

Steer Clear of Potholes

Potholes should be avoided when driving, especially on the freeway. The heavy impact of the tires slamming into the pothole can cause even a healthy tire to instantly rip open and blowout. When tires are defective or improperly maintained, the chances increase even further.

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