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When a loved one is lost to the negligent, reckless, or intentionally wrongful conduct of another person, corporation, or institution, it is possible to bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the party responsible. If your loved one has suffered a wrongful death, contact a dedicated and experienced Georgia wrongful death attorney.

Wrongful Death is Caused by Negligence, Recklessness, or Intentionally Wrongful Conduct

Wrongful death law derives from negligence law. Negligence occurs when a breach of a duty owed by a human being, corporation, or institution to another human being results in damages. In the broader negligence context, damages include physical, mental, and emotional injuries, lost income due to missed work, pain, and suffering. As its name implies, “wrongful death” damages include death itself. The contexts in which a wrongful death may occur are many and varied.

One of the most common contexts is the auto accident. Driving fatalities in the U.S. extend into the tens of thousands each year – a staggering total. All drivers owe a duty of safe driving to all other drivers and pedestrians while on the road. When this duty is breached – when a driver drives negligently, carelessly, or in a malicious manner and causes damages – negligence has occurred. When unsafe driving causes a fatality, a wrongful death has occurred. There are many types of breaches, such as:

  • Drinking and driving

  • Texting while driving

  • Traveling at excessive speeds

A wrongful death victim of unsafe driving may be either another driver or a pedestrian. The number of pedestrians killed by motor vehicles each year is nearly 5,000.

Medical Malpractice is a Source of Wrongful Deaths

Another source of wrongful deaths is medical malpractice. Just as drivers owe a duty to other drivers and pedestrians, doctors, nurses, support staff, and hospitals owe a duty to healthcare patients. This duty is to provide competent medical care in accordance with all state, federal, and professional standards. When this duty is breached and a death results, the law deems the death wrongful. Medical malpractice is one of the most complex areas of law. As such, a skilled medical malpractice attorney is a necessity in bringing a claim for damages against a negligent or reckless health care professional or provider.

Workplace Accidents are a Source of Wrongful Deaths

The workplace is a fourth context in which wrongful deaths occur. This has long been the case, especially during and after the Industrial Revolution. Workers working in dangerous conditions, whether in a factory, construction site, or highway are owed duties of care by their employers. When a duty is breached and a death occurs, liability may be imposed.

What to Do if Your Loved One Has Suffered a Wrongful Death

If your loved one has suffered a wrongful death on the road, in the hospital, or in the workplace, contact anexperienced Georgia wrongful death attorney. An experienced and dedicated attorney will work to obtain the compensation you need and deserve for your loss.

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