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An emergency can strike at any time. Various natural disasters and sickness can eliminate your access to proper health care, putting your child at risk. This is especially true for children who are limited by cerebral palsy or similar conditions. You can help your special needs child endure an emergency by preparing in advance for unexpected difficulty. With proper measures in place, you will be prepared to weather the worst.

Build an Emergency Kit

One simple means of protecting your child is to build an effective emergency kit. In the event that you are not able to leave the house, a well-planned kit can keep you safe until you can receive proper aid.

Your emergency kit should contain the following:

  • Water: Plan for one gallon per person for three days.
  • Food: Pack plenty of canned foods and other nonperishables.
  • First Aid: You should always have a first aid kit close at hand.
  • Medicine: Keep a week's worth of medication, in addition to supplies and paperwork.
  • Electrical: Flashlights, cell phones, radios, and batteries/charges are likely to come in handy.
  • Other: Include a blanket, games, baby supplies, and other essentials.

Ideally, you should have access to an emergency kit at home, at work, in the car, and anywhere else you are likely to be during an emergency. This will minimize your risk of being stranded without the medication or supplies your child needs.

Establish a Contact List

Another way to prepare for an emergency is to gather several contacts you may need under harsh conditions. In addition to family and friends, you should be sure to keep the names and numbers of several services that can provide much-needed transportation. Register with emergency services and other groups to discover how they can help in an emergency. Finally, services including Paratransit and various independent living centers may be vital to helping you endure an emergency.

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