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As the weather warms up and summer approaches, many people start planning their family vacations. Whether it’s a weeklong traveling spree or just a day trip, the following tips can help you stay safe while on the road.

Inspect Your Vehicle – Before raveling those hundreds–or even thousands–of miles, take time to make sure that your car is in working order. In addition to checking fluid levels and tire pressure, be sure to examine the brakes, headlights, and other systems well ahead of your trip so that you have enough time to make necessary repairs.

Plan Your Route – If you are traveling to an unfamiliar area take some time to plan your travel route. Be sure you have a good idea where you are going and what services (gas stations, restaurants, rest points, etc.) are long the way before you head out. Even when relying on a GPS device to guide your travels, gain a good understanding of the lay of the land, just in case your GPS device loses reception or power.

Mind Your Speed – When you have a lot of distance to cover, you may be tempted to drive with a lead foot in the hopes of reaching your destination sooner. Research has shown, however, that every mile per hour faster that you drive increases your likelihood of being in an accident by about four percent. In short, speeding is dangerous. Don’t sacrifice your safety just to save a few minutes in travel time.

Get Informed – Understand where to find local travel information, including traffic and weather, in the places you will be traveling. Take some time to see if any States you are visiting have quirky driving rules that you need to know. Learn the locations of nearby hospitals, repair shops, and services stations in case of an emergency.

Have a Rainy Day Fund – Often the key to a good vacation is the practice of being flexible. Flexibility is especially important when things don’t go according to plan. You may experience a flat tire, a breakdown, or other mechanical issues. Weather or other circumstances may cause you to stay longer in a particular destination than you had planned. Whatever the reason, be sure to have access to extra cash in case something unexpected happens on the road.

Don’t Drive Drowsy – Most people try to pack us much fun into their vacation or weekend getaway as possible. This often means getting up early, playing all day, and staying up late. Such fun, however, can be a recipe for drowsy driving. Dozen off or zoning out for just a few seconds while driving can lead to disaster. Don’t be afraid to get that extra hour of needed sleep before heading out. If you are tired pull over to rest or let someone else drive.

What to do in an Accident

In some instances, your weekend getaway or summer vacation may be interrupted by an automobile accident. If you or a loved one has been harmed in an automobile accident, contact a skilled Atlanta car accident attorney today. The personal injury attorneys at Goldstein Hayes & Lina, P.C., have years of experience helping personal injury victims navigate the Georgia legal system to hold those responsible for their injuries accountable.

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