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With the beginning of the new school year fast approaching, Georgia school officials are ramping up their efforts to remind motorists about bus stop safety. According to Cliff Shearouse, who serves as transportation director for Henry County Schools, Georgia has one of the highest rates of motor vehicle accident related student fatalities. In April 2012, one of these accidents occurred in Henry County; an 11 year old boy from Local Grove was struck by a vehicle as he was walking to the bus stop on his way to school.

Georgia officials are taking steps to educate the public regarding traffic laws related to bus stop safety and increasing enforcement efforts.

Initiatives include educating the public about traffic laws at bus stops, and school districts have implemented safety measures such as automated safety camera systems, which capture evidence of motorists who violate traffic laws along school bus routes. This information will be used to prosecute violators and to impose penalties.

Motorists are reminded that observing a school bus in their proximity means that school children may be nearby and that the motorists should exercise additional caution. School children are at greatest risk for being involved in a motor vehicle related accidents when they are loading or unloading from a school bus. As such, school officials recommend that motorists pay particular attention for children crossing streets to get on or off school buses from 6:30 am to 9 am and again from 2:30 pm to 5 pm.

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