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Over ten million automobile accidents occur every year. These accidents result in over 35,000 fatalities nationwide, with approximately 1,000 fatalities occurring in the state of Georgia.

Oven more individuals suffer severe injuries every year as a result of motor vehicle accidents. One of the most serious types of injuries that victims of a motor vehicle accident can suffer is paralysis. Approximately 55 percent of all incidents of paralysis within the United States are brought on by motor vehicle accidents.


Paralysis is an injury to the spinal cord, which is the body party responsible for regulating nerve activity below the head. When the spinal cord experiences trauma, it can cause complete loss of control over a muscle or group of muscles.

Depending on whether the paralysis is localized or general, the loss of control may affect a single region of the body, such as an arm or part of the face, or it can result in total loss of sensation.

In addition, paralysis may either be temporary or permanent. Temporary paralysis is usually brought on by swelling or pressure on the nervous system. When this occurs, normal nervous system functions will usually return after the swelling or pressure subsides.

Permanent paralysis usually sets in when the spinal cord tissue has died. Because there is no way to resuscitate dead spinal cord tissue, permanent spinal cord injury can only be prevented by early detection and treatment.

Individuals suffering from paralysis initially report numbness and loss of motion or sensation in their extremities. When this occurs, it is important to make sure that the individual does not aggravate the injury by continuing physical activity and to seek medical attention immediately.

Paralyses during motor vehicle accidents may happen when the vehicle rolls over or when the roof of the vehicle is crushed during an accident. These circumstances cause the passenger to be forced into positions which place stress on their spinal cord. Other scenarios may also lead to paralysis of a motor vehicle accident victim.


Several parties may be responsible for motor vehicle accidents that results in the paralysis of a victim. For example, the accident may be brought on as a result of driver negligence, due to a defect in the manufacturing of one of the automobiles involved in the accident, or because one of the automobile’s involved did not comply with established safety standards or requirements.

If you or a loved one has suffered from paralysis as a result of a motor vehicle accident, you should speak to an attorney immediately. An attorney can review the circumstances of your accident and work with subject matter experts to determine the cause of your accident and to identify the responsible party.

Working with an attorney will ensure that your legal rights are protected and that you receive compensation for your injuries. You may be entitled to receive compensation for your current and future medical expenses, loss of income, as well as, pain and suffering.

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