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Child holding breath underwater surrounded by air bubbles

Children roughhousing at the pool is a tradition as old as swimming pools themselves. While children may never stop these games, parents and guardians must be able to educate them on the dangers at the pool so they can prevent drowning and other serious injuries. With that in mind, here are three things children should never do at the pool.


Children and teens are prone to dangerous pool games, like chicken, and other activities that encourage putting someone’s head below the water. Even pool favorites have the potential to be dangerous if swimmers aren’t paying attention. For example, someone playing chicken could fall off their partner’s shoulders and hit their head on the edge of the pool.

If you see young children roughhousing at the pool, tell them to stop and educate them about the dangers of these activities and others, like breath-holding games.

Playing Near the Drain

Whether using your home pool or a public facility, you should be on the lookout for a pool drain. This is typically a small, palm-sized grate built into the floor of the pool. What many don’t realize is that the intense suction from flowing water combined with the grate can be extremely dangerous, especially if inexperienced swimmers or young children get their fingers or hair caught in the drain.

If you’re watching young swimmers, make sure they know where the pool drain is and that they’re warned to stay away from it. If a part of their body becomes stuck in the drain, it may be extremely difficult to get them out and keep their head above the water, especially if they start panicking.

Running Around the Pool

Public pools have “no running” signs for a reason. The edge of a pool is constantly getting wet and slippery. When someone runs around the outside of the pool, there’s a very good chance they could slip and fall, just as they would on any other wet floor. There’s a greater danger in falling around a pool because of the lip, which has a greater tendency to cause head injuries as well as the potential for drowning.

Next time you see kids running around the pool, tell them to stop and let them know that you’re just looking out for them. They may not thank you, but you just might prevent a trip to the hospital.

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