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young woman on phone while driving

Whether you’re a driver, motorcyclist, bicyclist, or pedestrian, it’s vital to recognize the signs of negligence. Unfortunately, countless individuals suffer each year in negligence-related accidents. When you have a clear understanding of driver negligence, you can recognize what to look out for and how to stay safe.

Below, we’ll detail three forms of driver negligence, including drunk driving, distracted driving, and tired driving.

Drunk Driving

Signs to Look for:

  • Swerving: Intoxication can impact coordination, causing drunk drivers to swerve between lanes, sometimes into oncoming traffic.
  • Speeding up and slowing down: The confusion involved in intoxication can cause a driver to speed up rapidly, then suddenly slow down multiple times.
  • No headlights: A drunk driver may forget to put his or her headlights on while driving.

Distracted Driving

Signs to Look for:

  • Swerving: Drivers who are looking away from the road tend to swerve as they switch their attention from the road.
  • Erratic braking: Distracted drivers may brake unexpectedly because they’re looking up quickly and back down at their phone. They’re not paying attention and need to stop suddenly.
  • Speed changes: The driver may drive at a speed much slower or faster than the posted limits.

Fatigued Driving

Signs to Look for:

  • Highway hypnosis: Tired drivers tend to daydream and lose concentration on the road, forcing them to swerve.
  • Aggressive driving: Fatigued drivers are more impatient, trying to get to their destination quickly so they can rest.
  • Slow reactions: Sudden braking, late turns, or merging across multiple lanes may be signs of fatigued driving as the driver makes delayed reactions.

Stay safe on the road. If someone causes you harm, our Atlanta car accident attorneys will work on your side. Any crash involving intoxication, distractions, or fatigue can result in you suffering severe or catastrophic injuries from which you may suffer a lifetime.

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