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When you suffer injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence, you want to take legal action against the responsible party for compensation. However, you may not always know what damages you may be entitled to, let alone if there is a cap on how much you can receive.

Understanding what Georgia law calls for in terms of damage caps is important as it determines how much you can actually recover. Before you file a lawsuit, we provide some information you need to know about damage caps.

In Georgia There Are No Damage Caps

Once upon a time, Georgia limited the amount an injured person may recover in their lawsuit. This included carious limits on the non-economic damages that a party may receive in cases involving in medical malpractice.

In 2010, it was determined by the Georgia Supreme Court that all damage caps go against the rights of injured parties to a jury trial. As such, the state does not currently have any caps on damages that you may be able to receive as part of your personal injury trial.

What Does This Mean for You?

When many states implement a cap on the damages an injured party may receive, it typically limits the value of the damages a person has sustained. The cap essentially dictates a maximum amount that a case is worth.

For those filing a lawsuit in Georgia to pursue compensation, the lack of a cap means you can essentially receive the maximum amount available for their injuries. It allows a jury of your peers to make the decision regarding negligence and fault without you having to worry about missing out on some of the amounts you may deserve.

At Goldstein Hayes & Lina, LLC, we recognize the expenses you’ve experienced to cover medical costs, physical therapy, and more. Because of this, seeking the maximum amount of compensation for you is one of the highest priorities we have.

Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys are committed to your needs at every turn, keeping your best interests top of mind, and pursuing the compensation you need and deserve.

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