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You should be aware of the hazards around your home for the holidays and how to stay safe. At Goldstein Hayes & Lina, LLC, we want to educate people about the dangers that may exist to help protect our community. Here are some of the dangers you may experience and how to avoid them.


Around the holidays, you may enjoy the smell of seasonal candles. You may put up light decorations around your home—both inside and out. For the cold winter nights, you may rely on your fireplace to keep you warm.

Fires are a real possibility around the holidays. If a Christmas tree is in your home, make sure it doesn’t dry out. The lights can catch it on fire. You should place candles in a safe place. Also, monitor your fireplace to prevent sparks from releasing into your home.


If you are the type to decorate your home for the holidays, you run the risk of serious harm. It’s especially dangerous when you bring out your tall ladder and try to get to places you usually cannot reach. Unfortunately, if the ladder is not sturdy or something goes wrong, you can fall from the ladder. This fall can lead to significant injuries.


Many of the winter decorations you use have been sitting in isolated areas of your home for the entire year. There’s no doubt they accumulate dust. However, there is the possibility that decorations can collect mold, putting you and your family in your home at risk of exposure.


When you buy gifts, you should ensure that they are safe. Look for recalls, dangerous elements, and other problems that may exist. Consider age-appropriate toys for your children, and ensure you’re doing your due diligence to ensure the gifts you buy are safe for use.

Around the holidays, you and your family want to feel joy. You don’t want to feel like there are dangers that may cause you harm. It’s essential to stay safe in everything you do and recognize the hazards that may exist around your home.

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