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Breathalyzer test in car

Drunk drivers are a common sight on the roads, especially later at night and on the weekends. It’s unfortunate that these individuals are negligent and often pose a serious risk to others who may be trying to get from one destination to another.

It’s important that if someone is injured as a result of someone else driving under the influence, they know they have legal rights to seek compensation. However, seeking compensation means knowing the evidence necessary to hold the individual accountable. Here are some of the things needed to move forward.

Accident Report

In any type of accident, one of the steps injured people may take is calling the proper authorities. They typically come out, record statements from the parties and witnesses, and document the situation at hand.

When these crashes involve a drunk driver responsible for the collision, the officer at the scene may take a breathalyzer or perform other tests to determine intoxication level. This information will also be in the accident report that a lawyer can help you obtain when pursuing legal action.

Criminal Conviction

If someone causes a crash because they are intoxicated, they may have to go through the criminal justice system as well. If they’re convicted for the crime of driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs, the conviction may be used as proof in the civil lawsuit.

Witness Statements

There may be witnesses to the accident who may come to help after the collision occurs. During this time, the witness may recognize signs that the driver who caused the collision is intoxicated. As such, the witness may be able to testify on the injured party’s behalf to prove drunk driving was the cause of the crash.

Proving liability and cause is crucial to helping you seek the most favorable outcome after sustaining serious injury in a DUI accident. You deserve to have a strong Atlanta DUI accident lawyer on your side to help guide you through the entire process.

At Goldstein Hayes & Lina, LLC, we have the experience necessary to help you when you need it most. Trust that our team can stand in your corner, present the evidence to prove negligence, and work with you to help you move forward in the most positive manner possible.

Call us today at } to speak with our firm if you’ve been hurt by a driver under the influence.

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