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Data collected by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) indicated that nearly 50,000 bicyclists were injured in motor vehicle traffic accidents in 2012 alone. This statistic does not include bicycle accidents that occurred due to other reasons, so it is fairly safe to assume that the total number of people injured in bicycle accidents of all types during 2012 is actually significantly higher. In many instances, individuals who are hurt in bicycle accidents are legally entitled to recover for their injuries and other losses. At Goldstein Hayes & Lina, we are committed to helping people who have injured in preventable accidents recover for their losses. Below are answers to some of the questions frequently asked by people who have been injured in a bicycle accident.

Will I receive compensation?

Whether or not a bicycle accident victim is able to obtain compensation depends on a variety of factors. Generally speaking, people who are injured by the negligent act or omission of another person are legally entitled to recovery. Examples of the kind of negligent conduct that has the potential to result in a bicycle accident include speeding, distracted driving, failure to properly maintain premises, or defective bicycle design or manufacture.

What damages are available in a bicycle accident case?

The damages in a bicycle accident case can include claims for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and loss of quality of life, among others.

What kinds of injuries are commonly sustained in a bicycle accident?

The severity of the injuries sustained in a bicycle accident is usually in direct proportion to the severity of the accident itself. That being said, there are cases in which a relatively minor accident results in serious injuries, and those in which the opposite occurs. Some of the injuries often sustained in bicycle accidents include the following:

  • Fractures
  • Concussions
  • Bruises
  • Lacerations
  • Dislocations

When these injuries are serious, they can result in serious complications for those affected. It is important, therefore, for anyone involved in a bicycle accident to seek medical attention as soon as possible after the accident occurs.

Will I have to sue in order to recover compensation?

The vast majority of personal injury cases never see the inside of a courtroom. Generally, liability is conceded, and the only issue that needs to be determined is the amount of money that will exchange hands. While most cases are resolved through a settlement, it is still extremely important for victims to be represented by an experienced lawyer. In many cases, the assistance of an attorney results in a much higher settlement amount than a person would have been able to secure on his or her own. In some cases, litigation may become necessary in order to ensure that a victim receives an appropriate amount of compensation.

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