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Motorcycle accidents can be some of the most deadly traffic accidents on the road. All too often these crashes are caused not by the motorcyclist, but by other drivers on the road who are not fulfilling their duty to drive safely. It is important to understand how motorists cause these accidents that can so often have devastating consequences for the motorcyclist and his or her family.

Cars Making Left Hand Turns are the Greatest Danger to Motorcyclists

Of all of the different scenarios that can happen on the road between a motorcycle and a car, the one that is most likely to cause a serious accident for the motorcyclist involves the driver of the car making a left hand turn. In these scenarios the car either winds up hitting the motorcycle while the motorcycle is going straight through the intersection, hitting the motorcycle while it is passing the car, or hitting the motorcycle while it is trying to overtake the car. All three scenarios come down to the same basic problem: The driver of the car does not see the motorcycle. Sometimes this can by at least partially the motorcyclist’s fault. If, for example, the motorcyclist is speeding, a driver may have a good reason for not seeing the motorcycle. Often the problem is that motorists simply do not look for motorcycles because they do not expect to find them. Similar issues come up regularly with accidents involving cars and bicyclists.

Cars Can Endanger Motorcyclists by Changing Lanes in Front of Them

Drivers of cars and semi-trucks are used to sharing the road with one another. Drivers of big rigs know that they have to take special care to insure that there are not any cars in their blind spots before they change lanes. Unfortunately, drivers of cars do not have this same level of comfort and reliability when it comes to taking motorcycles into account. Whether it is because a motorcycle is in a car’s blind spot or because a car driver just is not looking for motorcycles, drivers of cars can veer into a motorcyclist’s lane with little or no warning, causing an accident. This is particularly problematic when the driver fails to use his or her turning signal. This sort of unsafe driving can lead to a car driver being responsible for the motorcyclist’s injuries.

Rear-Ending a Motorcycle Can Be Deadly

A common kind of traffic accident involves one car striking another from behind. Usually the driver of the rear car is at fault for not paying attention. While these accidents can be serious when two cars are involved, they usually are not fatal accidents. However, when a distracted driver rear-ends a motorcyclist, the motorcyclist’s injuries can be catastrophic or even fatal.

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