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Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) occur when the brain is damaged in such a way that normal function is disrupted, and constitute one third of fatal injuries suffered throughout the nation. The worst types of these injuries, severe TBIs, tend to have extensive effects on the victim's body, with side effects often continuing for more than a year.

Severe traumatic brain injuries can occur in one of two ways: the first, a closed injury, occurs when the brain moves within the skull on account of blunt trauma or another forceful collision; the second, a penetrating injury, occurs when an object enters the victim's skull. Both of these can hinder a person's capacity to maintain normal cognitive or motor functions.

Effects of Severe TBI

A severe TBI can affect a person in a number of ways. Many severe brain injuries lead to an indefinite period of time in a coma. After this period of unconsciousness ends, the person may demonstrate a number of notable changes. The most obvious effects of severe TBIs include impaired cognitive function, including limited memory and attention, and partial or complete loss of various motor skills.

Over time, other problems may be encountered, including loss of senses or various emotional changes. Any or all of these symptoms may be experienced simultaneously, leading to variable degrees of impairment. The widespread effects of severe TBIs make it difficult to estimate in advance how a brain injury might affect a person.

Causes of TBI

In many cases, legitimate accidents are at the root of severe traumatic brain injuries. This is demonstrated in the increasing number of fall-related TBIs suffered by children and elderly adults. Car accidents are another primary cause of TBIs that affect every age group.

On the other hand, many severe injuries are the result of negligence or maltreatment. Many children die as a result of Shaken Baby Syndrome and inflicted traumatic brain injury, among other types of abuse. TBIs are also suffered on account of drunk drivers, defective machinery, unsafe property, and a myriad of otherwise avoidable problems. If you have been injured as a direct consequence of another person's actions, a Georgia brain injury lawyer can guide you to appropriate legal action.

Work with an Attorney

As with any traumatic injury, severe TBIs are costly and emotionally damaging. The widespread effects of such an accident may affect the victim and their family permanently. At Goldstein Hayes & Lina, LLC, we understand the terrifying nature of a brain injury, and are ready to help your family through this time. Our legal team has more than 55 years of combined experience in injury cases, and we can help you seek fair damages at this time.

Contact our firm today for compassionate, professional counsel.

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