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How Much is My Car Accident Case Worth?

It’s reasonable to wonder how much you can recover after you suffer an injury in a car accident. Unfortunately, there are no two cases that are ever alike. As such, we can’t tell you the value of your case without getting significant information about your crash and the aftermath that follows.

It is important to recognize just how certain factors play a role in helping you obtain the compensation you need. These factors show why evidence is so vital following a crash, as the more you can show, the more helpful it is in building your claim. Here are some factors you should know about:

Property Damage

Your claim for compensation should consider the cost to repair any property damage you experience. For instance, if you lose your vehicle after it is totaled in an accident, the fair market value for your vehicle must be considered when building your claim for compensation. Property damage is included as part of someone’s liability insurance coverage.

Financial Losses

Your financial losses go above what you may experience in property damage. You must consider how much you spend on medical bills, such as surgical procedures, inpatient care, medication, and more. You can also consider your lost income if you are unable to work for a specific period of time following your accident and subsequent injury.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering falls under the umbrella of non-economic damages, so the value will always differ from other cases. Pain and suffering covers the impact your injury has on your life, including loss of enjoyment in life, overall pain from the severity of your injury, and more.

There’s no direct monetary loss you experience for pain and suffering, so valuation can be complicated.

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