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Can Legal Action Help Stop Serious Problems of Drunk Driving?

Drunk driving is a serious problem. We’ve detailed just how serious on past blogs, showing how often drunk driving accidents occur, as well as how often they have fatal results. Up until this point, it’s shown to be a hard problem to resolve.

How do we work together to stop it? While our team works with Mothers Against Drunk Driving to help spread awareness, there are still plenty of people who ignore self-awareness and make the decision to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

So, it begs to question: can legal action against drunk drivers really help stop the problem?

Unfortunately, there may be no sure-fire answer to this, but there are some things that legal action can do. Yet, not everyone injured in a DUI accident take action. This is often because they are uninformed. Legal action may not have a long-reaching impact on drunk driving, but it could help the problem one driver at a time.

Holding These Negligent Drivers Accountable

While many people feel that taking legal action is all about compensation, it’s not the only benefit. Sure, compensation is often necessary when the injured party has medical bills to pay and they are unable to work due to the injury sustained.

However, taking legal action does more than just seek monetary wins. It’s about accountability. It’s about awareness. And it’s about justice. Taking legal action punishes those who were negligent the moment they decided to drive while intoxicated and cause injury.

The negligent party may face criminal arrest, but the civil lawsuit also impacts them in a negative way. Their actions are brought into public spotlight for everyone to see the negligence involved. This may prevent them from acting in such a way in the future.

Legal action may not be a widespread solution, but one-by-one, it can help show that this negligence exists and incite change in those who cause harm. The moment this happens, the consequences are often enough to get them to re-think their positions and make them consider not drinking and driving.

At Goldstein Hayes & Lina, LLC, our Atlanta DUI accident attorneys recognize the importance of awareness. We want to incite change in the community, working to put an end to drunk driving and other forms of driving under the influence. Together, we can make the community a safer place for everyone.