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What to Do Following a Bicycle Accident

If you have been involved in an automobile-bicycle accident, you may be facing injuries, doctor’s visits, the emergency room, and medical bills. The good news is that there may be something you can do to hold the driver accountable if he or she was at fault for the accident. You may also be able to recover damages for suffering you experience. An experienced bicycle accident attorney can help you file a claim if you wish to take action.

The two most common types of accidents that include cars and bikes are:

  • A car making a left hand turn into the path of an oncoming bicyclist,
  • A car going around a bicyclist in the bike lane and then immediately making a right hand turn into the path of the bicyclist.

There are other factors that may lead to automobile-bicycle accidents including road rage and negligence.

What to Do Following a Bicycle Accident

Call the Police

It is always recommended to call the police following an accident. A car on bicycle accident is no different. It is important to wait for police so that they can file a police report. Let the police handle the situation. It is better to deal with the police than to try to settle things with the driver alone. Oftentimes, even if a driver accepts blame at the scene, he or she may deny being at fault later. Additionally, it is beneficial to give your statements to the police only so that the driver does not use anything you say against you in court. In some cases, while writing up the accident report, police only attempt to take a statement from the automobile driver. Try to have them get your statement, as well. If they do not, you can have the police report amended later on. Report all injuries, however minor they may seem at the moment. Oftentimes, injuries worsen in a matter of hours, so do not overlook anything even if it seems minor. Point out witnesses to the police so that witness statements can be added to the report.

Get Driver and Witness Contact Information

Get contact information from the driver as well as their insurance information, driver’s license number, and vehicle license number. It is also important to get contact information from witnesses in case it is not included in the police report. If you are too injured to gather this information on your own, ask someone to help you obtain it.

Seek Medical Attention and Document all Injuries

It is important to seek medical attention for injuries to take care of your health. Injuries that seem minor at first can turn out to be serious. Additionally, showing that you sought medical attention can help your case in court as it shows that you were injured. Take pictures of all of your injuries as soon as possible following the injury and start a written log of all of your injuries. Take written inventory about the physical symptoms of your injuries every few days.

Preserve Materials from the Accident as Evidence

Everything that was damaged during the crash can be evidence, so keep it in damaged condition. Do not attempt to have your bicycle fixed. Keep your clothes unwashed. Do not send damaged equipment to anyone besides your attorney. Take pictures of damaged equipment.

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