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How Cell Phone Usage Compromises Road Safety

If someone nearly hits you in traffic today, chances are that person never even saw you. Instead, numerous drivers are far too busy surfing the Internet or sending and receiving text messages to pay much attention to others on the road. In order to determine just how bad this problem has become, AT&T recently hired Braun Research to poll over 2,000 people. The results of that research are both startling and revealing.

In order to take part in this survey, those polled had to first truthfully state that they owned a smartphone and “drive at least once a day.” They were then queried regarding all of their cell phone activities while heading down the freeway or a typical street.

Upsetting Facts Revealed by the Recent Braun Driver Poll

  • Many people appear to have little impulse control and use Twitter constantly. Approximately 14 percent of drivers admitted that they regularly use Twitter while behind the wheel of a vehicle. In fact, one-third of these same drivers said that instead of watching the road ahead of them, they are constantly sending out Twitter messages “all of the time.”

  • A large number of smartphone users are even scrolling through Facebook pages while driving. Drivers between the ages of 16 and 65 said that instead of watching traffic lights and making sure they don’t hit pedestrians and others, they’re often using Facebook.

  • There are many people using “video chat” instead of concentrating on defensive driving. One in ten of those polled admitted that they even use “video chat” despite the fact that this wholly consumes their attention while driving towards others on the freeway or on their local city streets.

  • A number of drivers take “selfies” while driving past others. According to the AT&T poll,17% of smartphone users are actually taking “selfies” when they should be keeping their eyes on the road.·

  • Simply texting remains the favorite way to use smartphones while zooming down city streets and highways. An astounding 61% of drivers aren’t watching out for kids and others on the road in front of them. Instead, they are texting as fast as they can to all of their friends and family members.

  • General “surfing on the internet” is another favorite “play” activity for some drivers. A startling 28% of those driving past you, and perhaps nearly rear-ending you, are just too distracted because they are searching the internet. Some may just be looking for the location of a nearby restaurant or mall.

Cell phone addiction may be real – and many of us are paying for it with higher insurance premiums due to the increase in car accidents caused by smartphone users.

If you are concerned about your road safety and are surrounded by drivers who are too busy texting to notice if a “green light” has changed, be sure to set a good example for others.

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