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How Can an Attorney Help You After Your Car Accident?

It can happen in an instant. A car can run a red light during your routine trip to the store, or a truck on the freeway can fail to notice your brake lights during your regular commute to work. Accidents happen without any notice.

Victims of car accidents often find themselves with a surmounting list of problems. Such problems may include vehicle damage, injuries, hospital bills, and all the stress and anxiety that goes along with them. Of course, add to that the difficulty of dealing with obstructive insurance adjusters. Many people in this situation begin to ask whether it’s time to hire an attorney to help them. The question, then, is what can an attorney do for people who have suffered an automobile accident?

An Attorney Can Help You Understand the Value of Your Case – Not only are attorneys well versed in the applicable laws relating to car accidents and personal injury cases, a good attorney has years of experience with the court system. Such an attorney has a good idea of the ballpark value of a case and what types of evidence can bolster such your claim. Although it must be remembered that no two cases are the same (and that the court system is something of a gamble), an attorney can at least give you an idea of what to expect if you file a lawsuit. Many attorneys can provide an initial consultation for a reduced price–often for free. Such a consultation can give you great insight into how to move forward with your situation.

An Attorney Can Help You Gather Essential Evidence - Success in any legal case depends on evidence. Such evidence can include police reports, accident scene photos, medical records, evidence of lost wages, repair bills, doctor consultations, and the like. Your attorney can help gather all these pieces of evidence to help build a strong case for you. Additionally, an attorney can gather evidence by questioning other parties or witnesses involved in the accident, either by written request or through in-person interviews known as depositions. An attorney has years of experience knowing where to find, and how to obtain, the best evidence available for your case.

An Attorney Can Negotiate on Your Behalf – One of the best skills an attorney can bring to your aid is the ability to advocate on your behalf. A good attorney can doggedly represent your interests when dealing with other parties. Whether it’s a claims adjuster, a bill collector, or an opposing lawyer, your attorney can fight for your case without being susceptible to the intimidation and scare tactics used against those who don’t have legal representation. No matter the situation, your attorney will always have your best interests at heart.

Getting Help in Georgia When You’ve Been in an Accident

If you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile accident by the negligent driving of another and is considering hiring a skilled Atlanta car accident attorney, it is essential that you do not delay. If you have questions about who may be at fault for your injuries, how to deal with claims adjusters, or whether you may recover for your damages, the personal injury attorneys at Goldstein and Hayes, P.C., can answer your questions and assess your case. We have years of experience helping personal injury victims navigate the Georgia legal system to hold those responsible for their injuries accountable. Contact us today.