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Common Types of Auto Accidents Caused by Negligence

Personal injury cases often arise from auto accidents, which can occur in many different ways. The following is a brief overview of auto accidents that are often caused by negligence and lead to legal claims.

Head-on—A head-on collision happens when the front of one vehicle runs directly into the front of another vehicle that is usually traveling in the opposite direction. This type of collision is often considered to be the most deadly type of auto accident. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), though head-on crashes only made up two percent of all auto accidents per year, they caused over ten percent of traffic-related fatalities. These collisions often happen because one vehicle crosses the center lane or drives the wrong direction on a road. These crashes often involve impaired driving, falling asleep behind the wheel, or distracted driving.

Rear-end—A rear-end accident occurs when the front of one car collides into the rear of another car. Though these accidents are often considered less serious than other types of collisions, rear-end accidents can cause serious, long-lasting juries. Victims of rear-end collision often suffer whiplash or other neck or back injuries. Additionally, the deployment of an airbag can cause facial fractures, burns, contusions, and more.

Broadside—Commonly referred to as a “T-bone,” a broadside accident occurs when the front of one car collides with the side of another car. These accidents can cause particularly severe injuries to motorists in the second car as a door does not provide nearly as much protection as a bumper, trunk, or hood. Broadsides often occur in intersections because a driver failed to stop, yield, or otherwise obey traffic signals or right-of-way laws.

Side swipes—A side swipe happens when the side of one car runs up against the side of another car. This often happens when drivers fail to adequately check mirrors or blind spots, or when drivers attempt improper lane changes. These accidents often cause one or both cars to swerve, run off the road, or collide with other vehicles or obstacles. Such chain reaction collisions can cause serious injury to all motorists involved.

Rollover—Rollover accidents often involve only one car, but this does not mean the driver of that car may never recover. Rollovers may occur because of dangerous road conditions, defective tires or other auto parts, or even because another driver ran you off the road. Certain vehicles have an especially high tendency to roll over, and these vehicles should always be equipped with a roll bar or roll cage to prevent the roof of the car from crumpling, causing devastating head, spinal, or brain injuries. Unfortunately, not all companies manufacture such vehicles with these safety features.

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