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At Goldstein & Hayes, P.C., our experienced Atlanta wrongful death lawyers recognize the overwhelming emotions that families experience when a loved one passes away. While grieving, survivors may have feelings of denial, isolation, anger, helplessness, vulnerability, or depression. It may feel like the pain and sadness will never subside. While worrying about the future, bills, loss of income and burial expenses, families are also frequently burdened by being unable to find clear answers to questions.

If you have questions like the following, Goldstein & Hayes, P.C. can answer them for you:

  • “Why did this happen?”
  • “How do I find out what really happened to my child?”
  • “Do I need an attorney?”
  • “What type of lawyer handles wrongful death claims?”

Families need someone to turn to for advice, support and answers to their questions. When a loved one is killed by someone else’s carelessness, negligence, or as a result of medical malpractice, a wrongful death attorney can help by filing a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of his or her survivors. Surviving loved ones may have mixed feelings about filing a lawsuit; however, it may be the only way to get answers to your questions, recognize the value of the deceased loved one, and hold the party at fault responsible. We’ve recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for clients. Let us help you next.

Types of Wrongful Death Claims in Georgia

Under Georgia law, wrongful death lawyers know there are two different legal claims that plaintiffs can pursue when negligence, wrongful acts, or medical malpractice causes a death:

  • Wrongful death
    A “wrongful death” claim can be brought by a family member for the “full value of the life” of the deceased. A wrongful death claim includes economic damages (such as projected lifetime earnings and value of lifetime services to the family) and intangible aspects of the deceased's value (such as companionship to loved ones during his or her life). Generally, an expert economist will testify on the valuation if a wrongful death claim goes to trial. The intangible aspect is determined by the enlightened conscience of an impartial jury and not reduced to present value.
  • Survival action
    A “survival action” belongs to the estate of the deceased, and is brought by the executor or administrator of the deceased’s estate for medical expenses, funeral expenses, and pain and suffering that the deceased endured prior to death. In a survival action, any proceeds from the claim on behalf of the decedent’s estate are distributed pursuant to a will of the decedent, or if there is no will, according to Georgia’s laws of intestate succession.

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Determining the appropriate value of a “wrongful death” claim and a “survival action” for the estate’s claim is complicated and something that an Atlanta wrongful death lawyer can help you with. It can also be difficult to decide which of these two types of claims to file. In some cases, it may be appropriate for the family of a decedent to file one type of claim and abandon another.

Time is of the essence when contacting an attorney, and it is always best to have your questions answered by an experienced Atlanta injury lawyer. If you believe our attorneys may be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact our law office.

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