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Atlanta Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

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Catastrophic injuries are any harm or illness that severely limits a victim from living their lives or performing their job to the capacity it merits. These injuries have serious, long-term effects and far-reaching consequences, including putting additional stress on your family, creating serious financial hardship, and resulting in debilitating medical conditions.

Common Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Because of the severity of accidents, catastrophic injuries often affect major body systems that result in lifelong suffering.

Severe nervous system damage, serious harm to the skeletal system or skin, and irreparable impairment to the body in any way is devastating and emotionally and financially expensive. It is very important that you or your loved one seek compensation after a traumatic ordeal.

How Can an Atlanta Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Help Me?

At Goldstein & Hayes, P.C., our attorneys work with your family to provide you with the dedicated representation that you need. Whether you or your family member was hurt in a car accident, because of medical malpractice, or because of a premises or product liability, do not hesitate to contact our Atlanta personal injury attorneys today.

Filing a claim for compensation can help you pay for your medical and rehabilitation bills, lost wages from when you are forced to take time off from work, or if you are unable to work, pain and suffering, loss of future salary, permanent disability, or other financial issues.

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